Orlando Foodie pt. X
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Orlando Foodie pt. X

Added: May 03, 2018
Category: Attractions

Orlando Foodie pt. X

Time for the best of the best!

This is the 10th Orlando Foodie! We are celebrating with naming our favorite places to eat. Regardless of category, time of day, or even if its a snack. We are going to list our top three food hot spots!

#3 - Lazy Moon

At number 3, we put Lazy Moon! It is our favorite pizza place. I personally go for a boxcar with a PBR and a slice of pepperoni and red onion pizza. Between the huge slices and the stylish atmosphere, you can't go wrong. Unless you order two slices thinking this is your normal pizza shop. 

#2 - Pig Floyd's

At number 2, we got Pig Floyd's! This bbq place specializes in Spanish and Asian fusion with bbq. They roast their own pigs and create unique dishes like bento boxes of bbq, street corn with a cilantro lime aioli, or even some Korean tacos. There is something for everyone and it is always fresh, they prep in the morning and if they run out of something its out so get here early!

#1 - Valhalla Bakery

Lastly, at number 1 we have Valhalla Bakery! We put Valhalla at the number one spot because we love sweets and Valhalla has got them in droves as well as an ambiance that instills a desire to take a break to relax. One of our favorite things about Valhalla is the donuts, which come from Valkyrie Doughnuts every morning. They also make a lot of baked goods in-house and you can even order custom cakes! 

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